Jewelbots FAQs

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How long of a message can I send to another Jewelbot?

A Jewelbot message can contain up to 16 buzzes of either short or longs.

How long should I wait before sending another message to another Jewelbot?

You don’t have to wait, just keep sending them! You do have to enter messaging mode and select your friend color group each time before sending a new message though.

Why is there a delay in messages being sent to my Jewelbot or my friend’s Jewelbot?

Depending on how far away the Jewelbots are from each other, there might be a delay in receiving messages. If too far away, the message might not even be sent entirely.

Why isn’t my Jewelbot sending/receiving messages?

This may be because it is not properly paired with whoever is trying to send you a message.

Your Jewelbot may be too far away from whoever is trying to message you has moved out of range, or lost connection signal. Try turning your Jewelbot on and off.

Why is my Jewelbot receiving messages when I wasn’t sent one?

If your Jewelbot was sent a message when a friend was in range to you, but you became out of range or lost signal before the message was sent then you might have received that message when your Jewelbot becomes in range or gains signal again.

How come my Jewelbot only cycles through one or two colors even though I have more friendship color groups than that?

When in messaging mode, the Jewelbot will only cycle through friendship color groups nearby you. (i.e. if only red and green friends are nearby, then it will only cycle between red and green for you to choose from).