Coding your Jewelbots Solo

Only one you know with a Jewelbot? That’s fine, you can still have fun with coding! Solo Coding mode exposes all the different Jewelbots interactions for customization.

To code for your Jewelbots in solo mode, you will select the "Jewelbots Solo Coding" board in the Tools->Boards menu before coding your device.

Found a friend with a Jewelbot and want to code together or pair them? Make sure to upload code from the Jewelbots Friendship Library first. The "Jewelbots Solo Coding" board opens up a lot more of the device to be customized, but it also removes the ability to pair your device and use it for messaging. Here are some fun things people have made with their Jewelbots.

If you want to pair with another device you need to revert to the Friendship Coding (or the Firmware Update) board in order to have that capability on the device.