Updating the Firmware Allows You to have the latest functionality on your device.

This step is not necessary unless we post an update in the forums that recommends updating.

The firmware is the code that lives on your device. This process shouldn't take too long. If you find it frustrating and would rather we do it for you let us know at by emailing us. We will send you a self addressed envelope and we will do your device update and get it back to you ASAP.

Please complete the instructions for installing the Arduino IDE, then add the Jewelbots boards. Next, do the below:

1. Install the Jewelbots Firmware Update board for the Arduino IDE

To find out how, go to Set Up > Add Boards on the left side menu of this Getting Started page!

2. Go to the Tools menu again, scroll over "Board:" and click on "Jewelbots Firmware Update".

It will most likely appear at the bottom of the menu of Boards.

3. Go to the Tools menu and select the correct port for the Jewelbot. It is easiest if the Jewelbot is the only USB device plugged into the computer.

says “The USB ports in the images are examples only, yours might differ. On Windows it will say COM followed by a number. On Mac it will say cu.usbserial- then a series of letters and numbers. On Linux it will say ttyUSB and a number.

a. Windows: Select the correct COM XX port
b. Mac: Select the correct /dev/cu.usbserial-XXXXXX
c. Linux: Select the correct /dev/ttyUSBX.

4. Make sure you have a new, blank sketch open.

To know how to create a new sketch go to Coding > Upload a Sketch on the left side menu of this Getting Started page!

5. Press and hold the Magic Button for 2 seconds while your Jewelbot is plugged in to put your Jewelbot into Upload Mode.

Note that the charging light (red or green) will turn off. Also, remember it's 2 full seconds (1 mississippi...). Either the charging light will go out (if you did not update your firmware yet) or your device will flash purple and then fade to indicate that coding mode is activated (if you updated your firmware).

6. Press the “Upload” button to load the new firmware onto your Jewelbot.

7. During the update, in the Arduino output window (the black space), orange text will be displayed. When completed, it will show “Device Programmed”.

The Jewelbot will reboot and display the rainbow animation.
Note: For Mac OS users, it will say “failed to execute script --main--”. Ignore that.

8. Now your Jewelbot is fully updated! Congrats!


If you wish to update your firmware AGAIN, there is one extra step!

It is important to update firmware. This ensures that any changes we make to the Jewelbot library are added to your Jewelbot!

Updating your Firmware again after the first time is slightly different from the original steps you followed from the first time. Look how to do it here.

1. From the Tools menu, scroll over "Board:" and then select "Boards Manager".
2. Type in "j" in the "Filter your search" box to quickly find the Jewelbots Boards.
3. Click anywhere in the box for "Firmware Update" to display the "Update" button.
4. Click the "Update" button to update the board to the most recent version.

You will have to do this every time you want to update your Firmware again. It is super important to update your Arduino Library! It makes sure you have the most recent features available!

To keep updated with news about Firmware Updates, follow us on Twitter or join our community forums!