Learning Rescources

Here are our favorite resources for learning about how to code Jewelbots.

Hello World

This video is designed as a 101, first timers just getting started with their Jewelbots.

Six Days of Jewelbots

These videos are six Jewelbots challenges that you can do over a vacation week or in your own time! They start easy and get progressively harder as they go:
Challenge One - Objects and Classes
Challenge Two - User Inputs
Challenge Three - Conditionals
Challenge Four - User Inputs and Conditionals
Challenge Five - Coding with Friends
Challenge Six - Coding with Friends Part 2

Sisters Laura and Louisa on Medium

Sisters Laura and Louisa put together these wonderful tutorials on how to code Jewelbots. We really love them (especially the part where they start with 0).
Lesson 0: Introduction
Lesson 1: Hello World
Lesson 2: Hello World Explained (Part 1)
Lesson 3: Hello World Explained (Part 2)
Lesson 4: Using the Timer to Blink LEDs
Lesson 5: Turning all the LEDs on and of
Lesson 6: Pushing Buttons
Lesson 7: Variables